About Us

The strong and silent type, whatever the weather.

We believe feeling comfortable at home makes everyday life more rewarding. Our innovative home comfort products are easy to enjoy and even easier to depend on, time and again, year after year.

Designed in North America to meet the demands of our ecosystem’s uniquely challenging four-seasons climate, we utilize only the highest grade of materials and build to the strictest quality standards.

Every Continental system exemplifies our steadfast dedication to product reliability, combined with cutting-edge technologies and energy-efficient innovations.

Fireplace Products

Hearth Products

Our Hearth solutions include an extensive selection of Gas Fireplaces, Electric Fireplaces, Gas Stoves and Gas Inserts.

Each product has been meticulously designed with a wide range of visually stunning customizable features to address the many ways individuals wish to complement their indoor environments.

Our fireplaces are also celebrated industry-wide for being easy to install, versatile and exceptionally durable.

HVAC Products

HVAC Products

Our HVAC products have been designed on a foundation of excellence, with a selection of advanced Gas Furnaces, Central Air Conditioners, Central Heat Pumps, Air Handlers and Thermostats.

Each one of our HVAC products incorporates the latest cutting-edge and energy-efficient technologies to help our customers enjoy each day in total comfort while optimizing their energy use.

Like everything Continental designs and builds, each unit is exceptionally easy to use and install, and designed to last a lifetime.

Build Quality, Build Confidence.