Before you buy

Your Continental fireplace/insert/stove product purchase is an important decision. We invite you to learn more about all the options available to you so you can make a well-informed choice your family will enjoy and savor for generations.

Product Category

There are three different categories of fireplace products offered by Continental; the one ideal for you and your home environment can depend on a variety of factors including fuel type, existing infrastructure, local building codes, whether you have an existing fireplace you’re looking to update and where you want your fireplace to be located.

Did you know electric fireplaces are available as wall mounts or built-ins? They are more versatile than you might think!


We offer a wide variety of fireplaces available in natural gas/propane and electric.

  • Ideal for new construction and renovation projects to add value to every home
  • Can have a traditional “square” style, modern linear style or even multi-sided


Used mainly in renovation projects in place of an existing masonry wood-burning fireplace or can be used to replace an inefficient or outdated insert that was already installed in your home.

  • Choose from traditional and modern designs with an extensive array of decorative options available to suit any room in your home


A freestanding appliance that uses venting to vent exhaust outdoors.

  • We offer a selection of stoves available in natural gas and propane
  • Can be installed during both renovation and while a house/cottage is being built

Fuel Types

Natural Gas & Propane

Excellent, energy-efficient zone-heating products that help you control the heat in the rooms you use the most.

  • Easy to use and maintain, without the need for constant cleaning and refuelling
  • Even if your home is not presently connected – these natural gas or propane units are a convenient option


Combines the calming aesthetics of a fireplace that is energy-efficient, easy to install and low in maintenance.

  • Cost-effective operation
  • Most are simply plug-and-play for instant warmth and enchantment
  • Select units can be fully recessed or easily mounted on the wall
  • A great source of warmth for spaces up to 400 sq. ft.


Continental gas and electric fireplaces add personality and unmatched aesthetics to virtually any room while helping you feel warm and comfortable by providing a secondary heating source.

  • Both gas and electric units can add that visually arresting ambiance you’re looking for
  • Electric models also provide those charming, dancing light effects with or without heating the space, for yearound usage
  • Many gas models can allow you to direct the heat into the room or rooms where it’s needed most

Installation Location

The fireplace is no longer simply a fixture intended for the living room. Today’s fireplaces can boldly go where they have never gone before such as the kitchen, foyer, and home office. Where you want your new fireplace to go can often dictate the style of unit you need. Please refer to your Continental model’s product manual for a better understanding of your unit’s specific installation parameters.

  • If you’re modernizing an old wood fireplace, a new gas insert is the ideal contemporary and cost-effective solution
  • If you’re renovating your home, a gas fireplace can immediately add priceless personality to your space while providing the flexibility to heat, not just the room you’re in, but potentially other rooms as well
  • If you want to add fun and visual intrigue to virtually any wall in your home, simply plug and play a wall-hanging electric fireplace to transform your room with electric-powered excitement