Key Technologies

Traditionally, fireplaces have directed heat out of the firebox to radiate heat throughout the room, with the warmest area being directly in front of the fireplace. With Continental’s Universal Heat Management System and Hot Air Distribution System, your linear gas fireplace can incorporate a set of ducts that move the heat from your fireplace to exactly where it’s needed for improved comfort.

This innovative approach provides a number of homeowner benefits:

  • Moves heat from the fireplace to the spaces where it’s needed most
  • Reduces wall temperatures above the fireplace
  • Greater heat passivity around TVs, electronics and valuable artwork
  • Simplified and easy installation with no power required
  • Silent system allows you to watch a movie, play a boardgame or curl up with a good book without an annoying hum in the background
  • Reduces mantel height and depth from standard clearances

Heat Management

Heat management technology enables a significant amount of your fireplace heat to be directed to where it’s needed most instead of simply emanating from the front of the fireplace. Continental offers three innovative heat management systems to serve this purpose.

Universal Heat Management System (UHM)

  • Operates without electricity or fans – ideal in power outage conditions
  • Utilizing a duct system, warm air is passively and efficiently circulated by natural convection in the living space providing even heat distribution and improved comfort
  • This is a silent system without the use of blowers, which is ideal for spending quality time with loved ones watching a movie or reading
  • UHM lowers clearances for combustibles and allows for the safe installation of electronics above the fireplace

Hot Air Distribution System (LHAD)

  • Ideal for circulating warm air from the fireplace into another room
  • Perfect for larger rooms where the fireplace is at one end of the room
  • Accommodates flexible ducting to move the heat to other areas within the space while greatly reducing surface temperatures.

Blower Kits

As another heat management solution, Continental’s advanced blower kits move air more effectively around the fireplace to help to circulate warm air and increase heat penetration into the room.

Safe Guard

All Continental units include a 100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system that automatically shuts off the gas supply when needed for your ultimate peace of mind.

Decorative Features

Continental’s logs and panels are made with a unique and innovative lightweight material and manufactured with our exclusive and proprietary technique. Each log and panel is examined by hand, then dried, hand-trimmed, and hand-painted for a truly realistic look with highlights, lowlights and details carefully added by our fireplace artisans. We add several layers of paint to create logs that you would swear were freshly chopped and stacked in your fireplace.

Exceptional Variety

We have multiple hyper-realistic sets available, each one impeccably crafted to look like the real thing. When installed into your fireplace, each log set has that trademark Continental hand-built fire appearance.

Decorative Panels

Create the perfect, custom backdrop for your fireplace. Continental hand-paints each panel with stunning attention to detail, available in a wide variety of decorative looks. Design options include traditional red and grey brick, reflective porcelain panels, textured sandstone, even a distinctive classic herringbone pattern.

Some of our most popular selections:

*Options are not available with every fireplace; consult with your Continental dealer for more information.

Media Kits

For further customization and to truly reflect your home’s design personality, we also offer a wide variety of media kits for you to choose from.

*Options are not available with every fireplace; consult with your Continental dealer for more information.