Learn the Basics

When it comes to selecting the fireplace, insert or stove ideal for your family’s needs and indoor environment, there is no standard boilerplate solution. Gas- and electric-powered units both come with their own set of benefits. That’s why Continental offers a full range of the latest home heating solutions to give your family the warmth and comfort you deserve.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Direct vent gas fireplaces use natural gas or propane to create heat and flames and can be easily installed in your home practically wherever you desire.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be installed in your living room, bedroom, basement, kitchen, den, home office and more
  • Approximately five times more efficient than traditional non-direct or “open” fireplaces
  • Evenly distribute heat throughout your home with more heat provided to the areas that need it the most
  • Installation eliminates drafts because the unit is completely sealed and is vented through a coaxil, and completed sealed vent system
  • No electricity is required to operate, ensuring your home can remain warm in the event of a power outage
  • Provide optimal indoor air quality and ensure no gases are released into the home
  • Combustion air is drawn into the firebox from the outside and pushes the exhaust out the vent system thereby reducing drafts in the home
  • Indoor air is pulled in and circulated around the outside of the combustion chamber, or firebox, then heated by the fire and moved into the room for cozy heat

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are used to modernize traditional wood-burning fireplaces. These inserts are self-contained units that provide all the ambiance and warmth you love while providing good energy efficiency.

Features and benefits:

  • Self-contained, sealed units that vent through the existing chimney with use of 2-3″ liners, one each for fresh air and exhaust
  • Installation involves sealing off the fireplace opening to prevent drafts
  • Smaller than traditional fireplaces because each insert is built to fit within the existing fireplace opening
  • Reduce home heating costs
  • Easy installation and require minimal maintenance
  • Come with an endless array of designer choices to update to any room

Direct Vent Gas Stoves

Direct vent gas stoves combine the old-world elegance of a traditional wood stove with
the advanced heating performance of a gas fireplace.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be installed in virtually any room
  • More efficient than direct-vent gas fireplaces and do not create drafts
  • Require no electricity to light, providing you with much-needed heat during a power outage
  • Venting is directed outside through flex or rigid venting, and without the need for chimneys
  • Outdoor air is drawn into the firebox while pushing the exhaust out
  • Indoor air is heated by radiant heat and convection heat from the unit itself and can be improved with the use of a blower

Built-in Electric Fireplaces

Built-in electric fireplaces are ideal for condominiums, apartments or rooms where it is difficult to access gas supply, or in municipalities that do not permit wood or gas-burning appliances. They offer a turnkey and cost-effective way to heat your space while adding a luxurious ambiance.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be built directly into walls for a completely seamless look
  • Do not require venting or gas work but will require a contractor or electrician for hardwiring if installing into a wall
  • Extremely versatile; the perfect complement to any room with designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, glittery to refined
  • Remote controls allow you to operate from anywhere in the room

Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Wall hanging electric fireplaces are like works of dynamic and fluid art that add heat and an incredible modern focal point in any room.

Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for homes, condominiums and apartments
  • Ready to use straight from the box to be hung like an inimitable piece of art
  • Versatile design can be wall-hung, partially-recessed or recessed
  • Simply plug it in and go, without the need for venting or remodelling
  • Come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes
  • Use to add gravitas to an office space, a welcoming source of warmth at your home’s entrance and more
  • Low energy use and bright multi-coloured flames add daytime glamour and nighttime brilliance