HVAC – Rebates & Tax Credits

Canada Rebates & Tax credits

Rebates and tax credits are generously offered in Canada through federal and provincial government agencies, plus energy providers such as Enbridge. These financial support services aim to increase the adoption of energy-efficient systems by offsetting some of the costs involved in upgrading legacy HVAC systems.

To receive a rebate or tax credit, you can expect to go through the following three steps:

Home Energy Audit

Your first step is to arrange a home energy audit with a registered energy advisor. This important first step is crucial in ensuring you later receive financial support, as the advisor must confirm your home meets the rebate/credit requirements. Upon completing your home energy assessment, you will receive a report outlining the suggested upgrades you can complete to help lower your home’s energy costs.

Contact a Continental HVAC Dealer

Your Continental Dealer will review the home energy assessment and explain all the HVAC system options that qualify for the rebate/credit. You will often have multiple options to choose from, where the more expensive the system the more generous the rebate. Keep in mind that a more expensive system may not just qualify you for more cashback but also save you more money on your monthly energy bills.

Follow-up Assessment

In some cases, a follow-up assessment may be required. Once completed, you will receive a reimbursement cheque typically within 12 weeks of your follow-up appointment.

AFUE bonus rebate

If the furnace you select has an AFUE of 96% or more, you may qualify for an additional $250 rebate. To receive this rebate, you must complete three qualifying upgrades including a new furnace with an AFUE of 96% or higher.

Still have questions on how to qualify for a rebate or tax credit? Contact a Continental HVAC Dealer today.

United States Rebates & Tax credits

Through federal tax credits, you can save even more when installing a qualified, eco-friendly, high-efficiency heating and cooling system. You must have installed a qualifying system between 2018 and 2021. You may also qualify for additional rebates locally. Contact your local utilities company for details on local and State incentives.

Federal Tax Credits – Heating/Cooling Equipment Covered

  • Receive up to $500 – or 10% of the cost
  • Air conditioners, Packaged Units, Ductless, Mini-Splits, and Heat Pump Systems that meet qualifications will receive up to a $300 maximum credit
  • Receive up to $150 maximum credit for qualifying furnaces

The home must be your main home and owned in the United States of America. Rentals and new construction are not qualified structures. Please consult a tax advisor for a clear view of any limitations and qualification status.